Join Bob and Patty Bryant and their friends as they journey through the Italian Alps to the summit Sasso Piatto (9,724') in the Dolomite range, in memory of Bob's son Danny and others who have died of drug abuse. It is our hope to prevent this disease from touching the lives of children and their families, honor those who are in the process of recovery, and to remember those who have lost their lives to substance abuse. Our goal is to provide treatment to all youth who need it.

The Summit for Danny Italy Climbers

  • Sally Arnold
  • Michelle Berti
  • Bob Bryant
  • Patty Bryant
  • Shannon Bryant
  • Lori Bryant
  • Bill Burke
  • Carolyn Chandler
  • Terry Eckhardt
  • Cathleen Chandler-Eckhardt
  • Dennis Forster
  • Janet Garufis
  • Carol Greene
  • Peter Hilf
  • Rose Hodge
  • Carol-Anne Lonson
  • Linda Lorenzen
  • Kristi Parrsh
  • Bill Parrish
  • Andrea Pighetti
  • Margot Roseman
  • Cynder Sinclair
  • Casey Soraya
  • Ed Stonefelt
  • Marie Ann Strait

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