The Daniel Bryant Youth and Family Center

"The Summit for Danny climbs are a reminder that every worthwhile achievement or special experience requires effort, similar to the process of recovery from addiction, and is always worth it in the end!"

Susan Keller

The Daniel Bryant Youth & Family Center, founded in 2001 by Bob and Patty Bryant, provides safe, effective outpatient treatment for young people ages 10-19 who are struggling with alcohol and other drug problems. It is operated by the Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. Since the summit climbs began in 1999, nearly $2.8 million dollars has been raised for treatment at the Daniel Bryant Youth & Family Center.

From Brief Interventions to Intensive Treatment

The Daniel Bryant Youth & Family Center offers a continuum of treatment services based on the needs of each youth on initial assessment. For youth who are just beginning to use alcohol or other drugs, especially marijuana, our Cannabis Youth Treatment Program offers a brief, but highly effective, 11-week treatment program delivered in individual counseling sessions, utilizing the latest research in motivational interviewing and other techniques specific to adolescent treatment. For youth experiencing more serious addictions, our more intensive treatment programs provide four, six, or more months of ongoing treatment.

Our Success

Substance abuse is the most costly preventable disease in America and affects nearly one out of four students in Santa Barbara. To date, the Center has helped more than 5,500 youth and their families to rise above drug abuse.

Of youth who have graduated from the Teen Court program and received some form of treatment at the Daniel Bryant Youth & Family Center, 94.7% have had no further contact with the juvenile justice system.

In a recent study of Daniel Bryant Youth & Family Center graduates, 75% were still in recovery at their six-month follow-up interview.

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